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How's your reading/writing stamina?

Whether you’re a reader or a writer, how long do you read/write for? Hours, minutes or seconds?

As a reader, I could win a competition for reading on and on and on. If such an event existed, I’d be a gold medal winner! As a writer, however, it’s a different matter. I can plot the story out, no problem, create the characters, easy peasy, but when it comes to putting everything together – OMG! – procrastination is the word of the day. From playing online spider solitaire (it’s so bloody addictive, I found giving up smoking easier than foregoing my multiple times a day playing the damn thing) to washing the dishes, scrubbing the kitchen floor, and shouting at my cat, because she’s shinned up the curtains again, anything other than sit down and write.

But why? I love to write, so why when I’ve composed a single paragraph do I have the urge to play the aforementioned game, or go on Facebook and ooh and ahh at pictures of doggies and kitties, or get enraged at the latest political tomfoolery? I’ve seen similar posts by other writers who go through this kind of thing. They can no more stop writing than they could breathing, but only seem able to sustain it in short bursts. Is it laziness or some kind of brain fever? Please tell me – I really want to know (answers on a postcard). Anyway, excuse me for a moment, I feel an irresistible urge to indulge in a quick burst of spider solitaire – see you in a sec…

…And I’m back. Sorry about that, but what can I say? I just can’t help myself. Anyway, since my fingers have stopped twitching and I can type again, let’s carry on. So the next question is, why do I write? Well, like a lot of people, I don’t have total control over my own life due to factors like money, education, and missed or lack of opportunities. Building worlds and creating the inhabitants give me a measure of control I don’t have in real life. I can decide the paths my characters’ lives take, sculpt their surroundings, and ultimately decide their fates. (Blimey, I sound like a fledgeling dictator). But most of all, I love to create. The thrill of coming up with a new idea for a novel is beyond compare. I’m currently working on the last book in my new urban fantasy series, The Songstress Trilogy, which is a sequel to my first series, The Silver Flute Trilogy. And despite my propensity for procrastination, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, it’s nearly finished!

So, until next time, fare-thee-well and keep on reading/writing. I’m off to… well, I won’t go into details, just to say it involves online spiders and playing cards.

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